Message from the Director

The Local and Regional Development Laboratory was established in 2015 by the Department of Economic Science of the University of Piraeus. The aim of his work is twofold. First of all, to become a reference point for scientists both from within Greece and abroad. Through the Workshop, scientists from different research and academic disciplines exchange views and participate in the second objective of the Workshop, which is to participate in research and educational projects.

The development of a region or country is not the responsibility or competence of individuals or institutions. It is an interactive process between knowledge and decision makers, between consultancy activities and empirical studies, and finally between members of academic communities and market experts. The Local and Regional Development Workshop is part of this process, with the priority of promoting knowledge and supporting development actions.

The research themes of the Laboratory are very diverse and differentiated. The development of a region is always of a universal nature and concerns both economic and technological dimensions and social or cultural dimensions. I am particularly happy that the university community has created the Laboratory for Local and Regional Development as part of the effort for the developmental uplift of Greek society.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Sotiris Karkalakos
Laboratory Director