The Laboratory

The Local and Regional Development Laboratory (LORED LAB) addresses economic issues in a wide range of local and regional policy areas, including taxation, healthcare, energy, education, development, inequality, trade, financial regulation, innovation and the environment. Laboratory staff have served in various consulting positions in the private sector or worked as consultants to both general and regional governments around the world.

The Laboratory is a scientific hub and its researchers are involved in both policy issues and empirical research. It collaborates with a significant number of PhD students, as well as being supported by postdoctoral researchers. The laboratory hosts visiting researchers from foreign universities to support its activities. Research opportunities are also provided to undergraduate students who are involved in research projects implemented by the researchers of the Local and Regional Development Laboratory (LDRL).

It also acts as an online space for policy ideas and proposals through its educational and research platform. The workshop can host meetings of collaborators, annual conferences of members of research projects, as well as a series of conferences or workshops. Its primary objective is to further strengthen its activities in the field of local and regional policy.

High-quality research is fully supported and the Laboratory’s researchers are engaged with central policy and empirical issues of local and regional development facing our country and the world.