Research Projects

The aim of the research projects, in which the Laboratory of Local and Regional Development is actively involved, is to develop applied research and development studies at local and regional level. In addition, through the preparation of economic reports, useful conclusions can be drawn about the impact of regional funding programmes on local economies. Finally, through the research activity and specifically through the preparation of business plans, information on the inclusion of enterprises and local and regional organisations in development programmes is provided. Below, we list the projects we have had the opportunity to contribute to and lead.


The objective of the DataSource project is to create a technology platform for the development of an ecosystem that generates added value by aggregating and synthesizing open datasets provided by independent “stakeholders” of the scientific value chain to facilitate the conduct of a data-driven research


Over the last decades, the increase in air traffic combined with limited infrastructure at the airports of Greece has created serious problems in the aviation industry. Professionals claim that further development of the aviation industry and infrastructure development is almost impossible in most airports due to limited space and time.


This project aims at developing a system that will help to inform drivers on the risk (probability of an accident) of each road they enter and on motivating drivers to improve their driving behavior with a view to safer driving.


“Evaluation of Vocational Education in Greece”,

Prospects and challenges of Vocational Education in Greece.

Funding: DIANEOSIS, 2020.


“Indirect pricing services for the valuation of ionising radiation in relation to the environment, consumers and corporations”.

The project examined the effects of ionizing radiation on the ecosystem of Greek society.

Funding: Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission, 2018-2020.


Visualisation and analysis of intelligent transport systems trends related to economic development.

Funding: Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)/ Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), 2016


“Modernization of Higher Education in Greece

Recording, analysis and classification of individual preferences of prospective students/three in relation to new academic and professional developments.

Funding: EACEA 20/2014, European Commission, 2014-2016


– “Integration of REMOTE services in the CERTH/IMET web portal aiming at the dissemination and exploitation of the research projects’ results”

Funding: Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)/ Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), 2014