Over the last decades, the increase in air traffic combined with limited infrastructure at the airports of Greece has created serious problems in the aviation industry. Professionals claim that further development of the aviation industry and infrastructure development is almost impossible in most airports due to limited space and time. The appropriate allocation and distribution of slots (location and time of each airplane parking at an airport), as recognized by the European Union, is the solution that will lead to the smooth operation of airports. Challenging this problem will avoid delays, unfair competition and any other loss-making conditions which will positively impact airline transportations as well as the green growth. SlotHub suggests a holistic approach to address those challenges through the development of an ecosystem that will (a) identify variations in slots that are deliberately generated rather than by randombusiness factors; (b) propose available slots and flight plans for airlines; and (c) through innovative user visualizations (3D visualization, augmented reality) will create an interactive viewing and performing environment of available slots based on the selected time interval, providing a clear understanding of the situation at each airport for all parts. Innovation is being addressed through research in areas where the use of machine learning algorithms will be able to forecast any violations occurred and at the same time estimate those deliberate violations while seeking the optimal proposed slots for an airline meeting the needs of the airport as well.

Funding: NSRF 2014-20