The researchers of Local and Regional Development (LORED) Laboratory tackle vital economic questions in a broad set of local and regional policy areas, including taxation, health care, energy, education, development, inequality, trade, financial regulation, innovation, and environment. LORED Laboratory faculty members have served in various consulting positions or worked as advisers to both general and regional administrations around the world.

LORED Laboratory has become a genuine hub for skilful scholars working on policy and empirical-oriented research and intends to build on that achievement. A substantial fraction of Ph.D. students is supported along with postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars. We also see a great opportunity to bring in more undergraduates as junior researchers assisting LORED laboratory scholars.

It, also, serves as a forum for policy ideas and a pool of consultants in various applied projects. LORED Laboratory is eligible to host Associates Meetings, annual Summits, and a variety of other conferences. A primary goal is to further strengthen its reputation for relevance, intellectual excitement, and thoughtful policy debate.

High-quality research is fully supported and reinforces LORED laboratory scholars addressing central policy and empirical issues of local and regional development, facing in our country and the world.


The Local and Regional Development Laboratory
will organize workshop in July 2018.
More info will be soon available…